Nerf N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit


Product Description

Product Information
A must for every Nerf warrior, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit will make sure you never run out of ammo again! In the heat of a Nerf battle, there’s not always time to gather up all your spent darts and reload the clip in your blaster, and now with this nifty bandolier belt, and room for up to 4 clips (2 included) and 12 darts you shouldn’t have to. Just take cover, pop in one of the quick reload 6 dart clips from the belt and you’re ready to get back into the fray/

Product Features
A handy bandolier kit that holds up to 4 clips and 12 darts
Compatible with all clip loading Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters
Includes 2 clips and 24 darts