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Cycle Supreme Fitting

“Will having a bike fit make any difference to me?”

Great question. And here’s the great answer: Nothing will shave more time off your bike split than an comfortable position. There was a great article on Cervelo’s site about bicycle aerodynamics. The quick summary is that for a 40k ride, an aero position (ideally a horizontal torso) can save you 15 minutes, while aero wheels might save 1-2 minutes and an aero frame 1 minute.

If you are set up right, you should feel like you are suspended horizontally when in the aero position. No tension in the lower back, quads, hams, or shoulders, and you should be able to hammer the pedals without the force hammering the rest of your body. If your hip angle is right, you can recruit all of the muscles from your buttocks on down to apply force to the pedals. If you are too far back, your quads will work overtime and your lower back will too. You will be slower on the bike.

Cycling is not just about the bike. It’s about creating perfect synergy between rider and machine. It’s about comfort, it’s about efficiency, it’s about riding faster and further which means getting a perfectly fitted bike.

Bike fitting adapts the bike to fit your body. Everybody is different and so are their bike fits. By taking in to account flexibility, range of motion and riding style, our trained fitters can help you to achieve your optimum cycling position which will improve your comfort, performance and also reduce the likelihood of injury.

Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time would benefit from having their position assessed to ensure cycling efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. All cyclists, no matter how experienced could benefit from having a thorough analysis as part of a Bike Fit. Women especially can benefit from a bike fit as unfortunately, there are still fewer options available to women when buying a bike and so Bike Fitting can be vital in achieving the perfect cycling position.

We offer the Bike Fitting Service at the Cycle Supreme store.

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